General terms of sale

Any order to the seller company and any sale involves the meaning of full acceptance of those general conditions.  The purchaser states that he got informed of the general terms of sale by the company’s website, where those are posted. For the other issues and in case those are not regulated by the present terms, the international trade terms “Incoterms” by the International Chamber of Commerce come into force.


  • Before any product order, the purchaser should request by the Company the specifications of the products he is about to purchase, in order to study and approve them. All orders involve the meaning that the purchaser is a priori aware of the product’s specifications and has accepted them.
  • An accepted order by the seller company cannot be cancelled after three (3) business days without the prior consent of the seller company.
  • The products are delivered to the company’s store. If, upon request of the purchaser, the products will be delivered to another place and not the company’s store, the purchaser bears the risk of destruction or random deterioration of the product, after delivery for shipment and undertakes all expenses for transportation, storage and insurance of the products.
  • The pickup of products and invoice by the company’s store, as well as the purchaser’s order for transportation of the products to another place and not the company’s store, involves explicit and unconditional statement of the purchaser that: a) He has checked the quality, quantity and price of the product, found out there are no deficits and they comply with the agreed qualities, stated specifications and intended use.The seller company is not reliable on how and when thes old products will be used, b) He has checked and approved the production and packaging systems of the seller company as well as their procedures and specifications, as those appear on the respective manuals of thecompany’s quality assurance systems, c) He recognizes and accepts the occurrence of random, unique and isolated facts that might lead to non compliance, as those are also included in the quality assurance systems and undertakes fully this risk, by recognizing that the seller company has no liability or obligation for compensation.
  • Any objection or reservation regarding the terms of delivery, the weight or the status of the products during the unloading, despite the fact that the purchaser bears the risk and is liable when those are traveling, is submitted exclusively and only in written either on the consignment note’ copy to be returned to the company or on the bill of landing of the forwarding company or on any other document that will be returned to the Company evidencing the pickup of the product. Any reservation or denunciation or refusal to pick up the products in retrospect will not be accepted and the purchaser will be obliged to pay the total amount of the invoice and any additional expenses in the meantime imposed to the seller company.
  • The purchaser should keep and store the received products in dry, shady and cool place, in order to assure the best durability of the products.


  • The prices of the company come into effect for the delivery of the products to its facilities and do not include VAT, except if otherwise is agreed.
  • Additional expenses, e.g commissions of banks or money handling entities, bank transfers, money transfers or other expenses related to the payment of the invoices will be borne exclusively and only by the purchaser. The full payment of the invoice should be implemented within twenty-five (25) days since the date of issuance of the sale’s invoice by the company and is evidenced either by official full payment proof by the seller company or by payment slip in any of the below mentioned bank accounts of the seller company: ALPHA: GR49 0140 7180 7180 0233 0000 506 ΕΘΝΙΚΗ :GR97 0110 8400 0000 8404 7043 041 ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ: GR79 0172 2610 0052 6101 5236 929 EUROBANK: GR 03 0260 3500 0004 5020 0464 552.. After twenty-five days, the legal late charges are calculated.
  • In case of price changes on raw materials or products subsequent to the date of order and before the invoicing of the products, the seller company is entitled to pass the above price change to the purchaser.
  • The receipt of securities is made exclusively for facilitation of the payment of debt and not for full payment of the debt. The full payment of the debt by check is taken into consideration only upon the collection of the check.
  • Up to the full payment of the price, the ownership of the sold products is deducted by the seller Company.


The Company does not guarantee the suitability of the products for other uses than the intended uses, according to the instructions of all constructors and may not be deemed liable for the consequences due to different use than the usual or due to inappropriate use. The purchaser should proceed to his own researches and inspections regarding the suitability of the products for the intended goal, regardless of the information and indications of the seller Company and bears the risk that will arise from the use of the products. The liability of the company for defective products is always restricted to the invoiced value of the products or the obligation for their replacement.


The concluded order and sale are governed exclusively and only by the Greek Law, even if they refer to contract with foreign elements subject to the foreign law, according to the international rules. The Courts of Thessaloniki are exclusively and only competent with service, substantive and territorial competence.


  • Please be informed that our Company will be searching the Files of Obligation Default, Mortgages, Under writing and Company’s Details by Official Government Gazettes & General Commercial Registries of TIRESIAS S.A, Alamanas str. Nr.2, GR 151 25 Marousi, 210-36-76-700, through CHECK system for eventual data referring to you aiming at the evaluation and/or reassessment of the assumed commercial risk within the frame of our transaction or in case you are related to our business with fixed-termor in definite employment contract, for the time of its validity, at the discretion of the business. The purchaser got informed with detailed information by TIRESIAS SA concerning the data, the sources, the rights etc, as posted in the site of TIRESIAS S.A and the site of our Company.
  • Our Company informs you that the processing of your personal data is governed by the subsequent terms and the respective provisions of theRegulation (EU)2016/679 and the respective current Greek and European Union legislation regarding personal data protection, mainly the Law 4624/2019. Our company is responsible for processing according to the law (GeneralRegulation EU 2016/679) and its headquarters are located in Thessaloniki (Industrial area of Sindos), GR 57022, 2310 797388, E-mail:
  • The personal data collected and processed by our company are the data required for the issuance of invoice, that is full name, address, telephone number, VAT, Tax Inspection Office. Those data will be used for the issuance of invoice and, eventually, will be transmitted to the tax authorities. Legal base for the processing is the compliance with legal liability of the processing responsible person (article 6 par. 1 c’ Regulation 2016/679). Those data are kept for five years and we take all organizational and technical measures for their protection.The supply of data is required for the issuance of invoice and, if the purchase will not grant those data, this could not be possible. The purchaser got aware of the right to submit request to the processing responsible person regarding the access to the data concerning himself, and the right to edit or delete or restrict the processing of those data and the right to object to the processing and the right to their portability. Those rights are implemented either by sending a letter at the above address of the company or by email at the address:
  • You have the right to appeal to the Personal Data Protection Authority for issues regarding the processing of your personal data. You can get detailed information for the competence of the Authority and the way to file complaint by visiting the website (–My rights – File complaint).